Our Model

Actionable Analytics

AIAI and our qualified investors develope research and process improvement initiatives that promise measurable results. Our unique risk-reward share model aligns our interests with our partners and allows us to invest our resources in efforts that interest our team, best utilize our strengths and allow us to work with like-mided organizations to create sustaining value and impact. 


Organizations with innovative performance improvement or research projects who would like to be considered are encouraged to submit a two-page proposal to researchreview@anyoninstitute.com with a high level description of the project, what the impact of the investment could be, what results are expected to be acheived and a detailed description of efforts to date. All initiatives will be reviewed by the oversight committee and responses provided within thirty da 


Our work has resulted in industry impacting innovations in Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Federal, Local and State Government and numerous other industries. The sustaining nature of our model enables partners in the "family" to leverage innovations across verticals and for all our partners to benefit in the catalogue of intellectual property we jointly develop. Each incremental performance improvement or research project advances the goals of all of our partners. You will have more good ideas and we are dedicated to finding the right people to work with today...and tomorrow!